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Virtual Events to Boost UK-Guatemala Business

The British Business Season takes places during October, and aims to help improve ties between the UK and the Central American Republic of Guatemala

Published on September 25, 2020

Flag of Guatemala

During October, a series of virtual events will take place to help boost trade, investment and commercial ties between the UK and Guatemala. The 'British Business Season' is being organised by the British Embassy in Guatemala.

Some of the virtual events set to take place will be discussions on infrastructure, including opportunities for businesses in Guatemala to learn about the UK's experience of PPP and Covid-19 reactivation link projects. Events will also focus on business opportunities for Guatemalan companies in the UK, including export opportunities and looking at the UK's regulations post-Brexit. UK imports to Guatemala will also be discussed, with inventories presented to potential buyers.

The Embassy will also use the week to continue political discussions focused on maximising the impact of the UK-Central America Association Agreement, which will be activated on January 1, 2021 when the transition period between the UK and EU finishes.

Discussing the Season, Nick Whittingham, the British Ambassador to Guatemala, said that "The British Business Season is an opportunity to refocus our efforts on the business community by learning the best practices to help rebuild and re-emerge as more resilient and better-equipped to withstand future economic impacts of COVID-19".

If you're interested in following the Season and finding opportunities to participate, follow the British Embassy in Guatemala on Facebook or Twitter. You can also register your interest by e-mailing embajadabritanicagt@gmail.com.



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