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About The Exporter Magazine

The Exporter is a new, independent magazine, launched in September 2019.

The Exporter is for everyone whose work, study or interests involve international trade. It is an independent voice for international trade and provides essential news and information on international business, economics, marketing, compliance, customs, financial and legal aspects of international trade.

The Exporter is essential reading for everyone involved in international trade, not just exporters. Importers, freight companies, banks and other support services will find the contents invaluable, as well as students of international business.

The Exporter is written and produced by professionals who have a wealth of experience in international trade and continue to work in the industry so have current knowledge and understanding. The Exporter is published by SP Media who have a successful track record in publishing, electronic media and television.

Key regular features include:


News and developments from the UK, the EU and around the world that impact on international trade

Regional Focus

An update of a major or emerging geographical region with an emphasis on key opportunities

Sector Focus

An investigation of key players, developments and trends in a key British industrial sector

Finance Focus

The latest developments in finance for international trade

Customs Updates

Information on changes to customs procedures and requirements from around the world

Compliance Updates

A comprehensive summary of global changes and developments in compliance regulations for imports and exports

Training Courses

Details on upcoming International Trade courses hosted across the UK, internationally and online

How to

Best practice in key skills, procedures and activities related to international trade

Plus cartoons, competitions and commentary

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