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Government announces new service to give green light to trade

Liz Truss announces the online service, saying “Opening up new markets for British businesses is a top priority”

Published on 5 September 2019

The Department for International Trade (DIT) have launched a new online tool which allows UK businesses to report barriers which prevent them trading around the world. The tool is an online form which businesses can complete to "report a barrier that is stopping or hindering their trade and investment overseas". When submitted, these reports will be passed to the DIT's global team, which will assess the trade barriers in question, and seek to resolve problems through liasing with other Government departments.

DIT announced the service alongside news that it has recently resolved two market access problems, including lifting the Mexican government's ban of British exports of food condiments and supplements containing beef, and reducing restrictions on Vodka exports to Canada.

The Secretary of State for International Trade, Liz Truss, commented that "Opening up new markets for British businesses is a top priority and the Department for International Trade has 1,000 people located around the world to help create more opportunities than ever before ... In the last 12 months, we’ve secured wins to sell beef to Japan, langoustines to China and pork to Taiwan – just to name a few ... I urge businesses to make full use of our new market access tool, which will help us to rapidly identify and knock down unnecessary trade barriers."

Explaining how reducing trade barriers been the UK and Mexico has helped, Montserrat Cortina MP, the Commercial Manager of Mexican importer Impulsa, said "Thanks to the support of the Department for International Trade in Guadalajara, over the last 2 years, the necessary procedures were carried out between Mexico and the UK at a government level to remove import restrictions on beef products from Great Britain. This means that, in 2019, we realised the reintroduction of products containing beef to Mexico after many years of absence in the market."

You can report a trade barrier by going to the Great.gov.uk website, or if the problem is urgent, the DIT recommend you contact the relevant British Embassy.


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