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Deadline Extended for Applications to join UK’s Strategic Trade Advisory Group

Applications have been re-opened for international trade experts who would be interested in joining the Strategic Trade Advisory Group’s panel on Manufacturing and Consumer Choice. The new deadline for applications is Friday, September 25.

Published on September 23, 2020

Communication Group

The Department for International Trade has re-opened applications for seats on the Strategic Trade Advisory Group (STAG), with a new, extended deadline of Friday September 25 for those who would like to express interest.

STAG is an advisory group for the UK government, with the main purpose of advising government policy on international trade, both before and during discussions on free trade agreements. Members of the group are selected by the Minister for International Trade, with successful candidates needing to fulfil criteria including being able to show "evidence of relevant competence and experience in areas relevant to international trade", "demonstrable interest in the development of Britain’s sovereign trade policy", "seniority", and "understanding of the procedures by which Britain conducts international trade".

The seats which are available to apply for are based on Manufacturing and Consumer Choice.

STAG will meet three times per year, and members of the group will have direct access to Ministers. The group as a whole will be made up of 18 experts.

If you'd like to find out more, or are interested in applying, go to www.gov.uk for more information.



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