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UK Government Launches World’s First International Trade Training Scheme to Boost Exports

Published on 16th July 2019

Dr Liam Fox MP International Trade Secretary, Dr Liam Fox MP

The International Trade Secretary, Dr Liam Fox MP has announced the world’s first training programme to recruit tomorrow’s trade negotiators.

The two-year International Trade Development Programme includes placements with the UK’s negotiating teams working on future trade agreements as well as with the teams supporting UK exporters and a six-month placement in one of the Department for International Trade’s (DIT) 127 overseas offices.

The scheme is an innovative alternative to traditional graduate schemes. It doesn’t require any specific qualifications or experience, is open to all ages (although the majority are expected to be school leavers, people switching careers or those looking to work in government for the first time.) It also pays an attractive starting salary of just over £30,000 a year.

The scheme is seen as part of a long-term post-Brexit strategy to improve trade policy, promotion and negotiation skills within government.

Launching the scheme, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said, “For decades, people didn’t look at trade as a viable career option. Now, the International Trade Development Programme will make a career in trade policy and promotion not only viable but highly desirable.”

Fox went on to say that he sees the scheme as an essential part of the strategy to drive UK export and investment performance. He said that entrants to the scheme could expect to enjoy their whole career within DIT, eventually taking on roles as HM Trade Commissioners.

The initiative is part of DIT’s continuing commitment to open new career and expertise opportunities. Last year, the DIT launched the National Trade Academy Programme, giving higher education students opportunities to learn about doing business internationally from British entrepreneurs and trade experts.

Speaking about the programme, Crawford Falconer, DIT’s Chief Trade Negotiation Advisor said, “This is a great opportunity to show young people that there is a whole range of careers in trade and, for the first time, DIT is opening up these opportunities. I look forward to working with some of these young people when they become entrepreneurs, exporters and even trade experts in my team.”

Applications close on 4th August. Details at readytotrade


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