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Reminder: Open Licence Returns on SPIRE - Due Jan 2020

Don’t forget to complete a licence return submission by the end of January 2020

Published on 3 December 2019

The Exporter News

It’s time to prepare to submit your Open Licence Returns on SPIRE for year ending December, 2019.

If you or your company are registered for the use of UK open export licences, there is an obligation to complete a licence return submission on the government SPIRE website. This is in order to meet the Secretary of State’s Transparency in Export Licencing initiative.

Exporters can complete the submission as they use their licences during the year, but many choose to submit the returns annually. This includes submitting a nil return for licences where a licence registration has been made but the licence not used.

Licence returns must be submitted by the end of January, 2020 for year ending December, 2019.

A link to the guidance for open licence returns is given below for ease of reference:



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